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What Is Cloud Hosting? I Have A Great Answer

Cloud hosting is basically the technology of keeping web information on virtual servers instead of traditional physical servers. One can view it in terms of web hosting where information is made available to others on the network.Here, instead of data stored on a specific computer then send through a network to requesters, it is stored on virtual servers and can also be available via a network.

Experts have described cloud hosting as a service instead of a product because cloud hosting companies task is just to facilitate web availability without physically taking anything from anyone. A customer who needs this service can be allocated a specific amount of bandwidth depending on his/her needs. In broad, instead of a website being hosted on a single server, it is available on multiple servers that are located on different servers.

This eliminates the traditional common scenario where you could be told a website is down. In common scenarios, using standalone servers where a website could be allocated its size had troubles came with it. If that server crushed, the site will not be available until this error is corrected. Thanks to virtual servers as it has eliminated this problem. You don’t have to worry as you will pay for what you use only.

The all network is scalable as new servers could be added at any time with compromising the others. If you happen to visit a popular website that is accessed all over the world at the same time, you feel as if you are the sole user. If the website was in a single server, an increase in number of visitors to maximum would deem the site unreachable. This is because the server could reach its capability hence cannot process any requests after that.

With cloud computing, this event cannot occur. Different servers that are linked to it would do sharing by providing computing power when needed. If you don’t need any resource, you release what had been allocated to you so that it can be accessed by the ones who may need it. Releasing it is what is interpreted as taking it to cloud where those in need can pick it. 

What are the benefits of cloud computing? It is very efficient and reliable. Long gone are the days when we used to be told that the server has crashed. If it happens that a particular server has crashed, the resources of the website would be available on other virtual spaces since they are being hosted on different locations.

The fact that resources are on different locations, security measure becomes better. Data stored at one single server could all be tampered on a single intrusion as they are in one single location. It can be thought as being super scalable. Any time a particular user requires more resources, with cloud computing, that is very possible as removing a server and adding another one does not alter the normal operations.

Cost which is one major concern when it comes to new technologies has been taken care of. A client would only pay for what was used. If you ever think of expanding your business, think about cloud hosting. Can’t decide what host is best for you? Check out and see the best reviews about hosting companies that will make you choose the best host for you in no time.